Ask Me About My Lady Porn

Meet Amanda Faye

“What does your wife do for a living?”

“She’s an author.”

“Oh? What does she write?”

“She writes lady porn.”

That is, almost word for word, the conversation my husband has with friends and strangers alike whenever my chosen profession comes into conversation. He whips out his wallet, hands them my card, and tells them my first book is for free. They should go download it.

At first, I was embarrassed. I write romance novels, not porn. Then the first email came from a husband, thanking me for my book, as his wife was extremely amorous after she’d read it. (Blush. You’re welcome. I aim to please.) Next, came the messages from the guys in my gaming group. I’m the only woman, and most bought my books for their girls, to be supportive of me. Thanks guys! But then the two a.m. messages started, asking if I had anything new for their girls to read. Doesn’t have to be edited. Just a little something to get them started, if I knew what they meant. Let’s not forget the women, who swoon because they wish their men had the courage to love them as playfully as Bax in Good Boys Talk Dirty or as honestly as Eli in Tall Dark and Brooding. 

Pretty soon I’m asking my husband if I can have a shirt made that says ‘Ask me about my Lady Porn!’ Hint…I did!

But it’s so much more than that. They say write what you know. I know true love. Most of my fictional couples start out as friends. Friends who have known each other for decades. I’ve been with the same boy for twenty years, married for sixteen. I’ve only ever had sex with him. Most of my couples share an intimacy that’s born from knowing their partner better than they know themselves. They’re driven by an all-encompassing need to consume their lovers, to merge their souls with their own. Why? Because they want to be consumed as well. 

I have four children. It’s not because we don’t know how birth control works. (Okay, to be fair, number four was born of sheer laziness, but that’s another story.) I have four children because no matter what goes on outside our bedroom door, no matter what horrors life throws at us, we find peace in each other’s arms. Once my fictional couples take the leap, that’s it. There’s no more will they won’t they, ah man we have to break up because neither of us can share our feelings. There’s enough drama in the world to put pressure on lovers. My couples don’t need internal conflict as well. 

I don’t write lady porn. I write love stories that fuel your soul, breaks your heart, then puts it back together again stronger than when I found it. When you pick up one of my books, you can expect humor, drama, Beta’s in the streets and Alpha’s in the sheets. And sex with the feels so hot that you’ll need a cigarette when it’s over. 

And that, my friends, is porn to a lady.