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Hi, I’m Amanda Faye.

My husband tells people I write lady porn.
I disagree.

Who is Amanda Faye?

I am a reader, writer, mother, and fan of trashy romance novels – the trashier, the better! I currently reside in Arizona with my high school sweetheart and husband of almost 20 years and my 4 amazing children.

I’ve had a passion for reading and writing since I was a child. I stole my first romance novel from my mother at age 12 and haven’t looked back since. The author of more than 20 novels, I always have a story up my sleeve, and my nose in a book!

Beta in the Streets - Alpha in the Sheets

Wait until the first time he has you strapped to the bed. You're at his mercy, his pleasure, but you know in your heart, there's no safer place to be...

What is Lady Porn?

Simply put, I don’t write “lady porn”. I write love stories that fuel your soul, break your heart, then put it back together again stronger than when I found it.

When you pick up one of my books, you can expect humor, drama, and romance, with Betas in the streets, and Alphas in the sheets. With strong emotional connections between my characters, you’ll be drawn into my stories like a moth to a flame. I write strong heroines, smart-talking heroes, and don’t forget sex that feels so hot that you’ll need a cigarette when it’s over…


Books So Steamy, You'll Need a Cold Shower After!

I’ve written a little something for everyone, hitting every note, every time, and leaving you wanting more. As an author, it’s part of the job description to tug your heartstrings, tickle your funny bone, and leave you in a breathless puddle, pleading for just one more page, just one more chapter…

From sexy doctors – think Grey’s Anatomy with scorching heat – to good boys with dirty mouths and insatiable appetites, there’s a story for every reader. 

Not just a one-trick pony, I write more than traditional sticky-sweet romance. With ménage à trois,  reverse harem urban fantasy, and slightly forbidden romance under my belt, I craft worlds that draw you in, keep you engaged, and leave you with a book hangover that rivals that of red wine.

Submit for Salvation - Book One:
The Cursed

In a modern world where Humans and Magical live together, I’m an anomaly to both…

Born human with the powers of the Fae, I fought beside our Prince for the right of the species to live in harmony together. I sacrificed my family, my childhood and my education to free our world from a terrorist, only to be told I’m going to die anyway.

Then There Were Three Trilogy
Book One: Bound

I’ve had a taste of their kisses. Now I need to feast on their flesh…

I like to flirt with trouble, and I always get what I want. All it took was a bit of liquor and a playful taunt between my best friend, Remi, and Julia, my wife. Then what I wanted was them. Together. Bound and beneath me…

Forbidden Fruits

Stories to make you pant and sweat, one bite at a time.

From good boys with filthy mouths, strong men stepping up to play Daddy to their best friend’s baby, and brilliant musicians and their strong-willed protégés, there’s a man for everyone. 

Take a bite of our forbidden fruit, and come back for more.

Doctor Drama

How to use an on-call room when you need something more than sleep…

I dreamed she belonged to me. Now I need to make that true… Join Liam and Samantha as they deal with the aftermath of an extensive coma.

The love of my life walked back into my arms covered in blood. Now to convince her she belongs there… Follow Dr. Noah as he fights to reclaim his life with his spitfire ex-wife, Elizabeth, in the wake of a heinous crime.

No muss, no fuss, and everything body my body can offer is hers. I can offer a lot… Watch as Logan and Emma spar after a one-night stand at a resort in Mexico. One bitten, twice shy, will they or won’t they get a second chance at a happy ending?

Do you need your fix, baby girl? Looking to get laid? Rough, fast, and naughty.
Isn’t that what we talked about last night...

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He had it all — He’s a fantastic doctor, has a family he adores, and his wife, Samantha, is the best thing to ever happen to him.

Except, as he wakes from a coma, Liam soon learns his amazing life was just a dream. And Samantha, his best friend, has no idea how he feels. Now he has a dilemma. Risk their friendship for love everlasting or ignore what his heart and soul want?

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